Russian Courses in Central London


Learn Russian at Polword. Our highly popular Russian Language Courses as well as Individual Russian Lessons for both businesses and individual clients help you to learn not only the language but also to get you to know other cultures and people you would never meet without us.


Our teachers are all highly educated and have great experience in teaching Russian. The groups are very small with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 students which makes it a very intensive and personalized learning experience.


Our interactive method of teaching is based on learning by practicing the language as much as possible, therefore, speaking and actively using the languae is central to our approach.

We provide Russian courses for beginners in small groups (with up to 8 students) at our London Language Centre. Our teachers are professional and experienced. Lessons are fun and effective.

If you would like to learn Russian but you have a busy work schedule and are often away on business, individual Russian lessons are just for you. Your lessons schedule will be flexible and you can either come to our central London school or have a lesson at your premisses.


Our Russian Lessons for Children are designed for families with children of Russian background.


Our online Russian courses are designed for people who either live in remote areas or, due to their other commitments, are unable to attend our courses physically.